2019-2020 Presidential Election


Voting window open April 15th ~ 21st (AoE Members only)

The AoE President makes programming decisions with the Executive Director, Program Manager and ADAA.

She is the face of the AoE in meetings with external speakers and visitors, and in CVM internal activities.

She has a powerful role in guiding the growth of AoE as a community and an organization.

 She helps to steer the work of committees in defining the AoE.

She represents your voice.

Lysa Posner
  Regina Schoenfeld
As President of the NCSU CVM AoE, my goals would be the following:

1) To continue to focus on providing education pedagogy for the varied types of educators at the CVM.  2) To encourage education research at
the CVM and by CVM faculty.  3) To provide a community for educators to: facilitate discussion, provide support (commiseration) and
encourage each others growth (as educators).

For those who don’t know me, I have been at the NCSU CVM for almost 15 years and my work here has evolved from a primary clinical effort to a primary teaching effort (+ research, + service).  To that end, I am willing to devote the time and effort necessary to support the AoE and
faculty who comprise it.

I would like to see AoE become a venue for networking and collaboration among members. Potential activities include: formation of special interest groups (SIGs) and creation of a shared “service” opportunity. The SIGs would bring together students, staff and faculty with an interest in a specific area of veterinary education, with the hope of would sparking interest in shared reading circles (book, journal articles) and  small, collaborative educational research projects.

For the service opportunity, it would be great to have AoE members share their expertise in teaching during the CVM Open House. This could be accomplished by creating stations that show off innovative teaching techniques, such as the SimLab, 3D models, etc.












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