Working Groups

Working Groups are a way to engage with peers around a specific education related topic to pursue greater understanding of educational practices and strategies in order to advance educational quality at the CVM.


Key aspects of Working Groups are that they:

  • have 3 – 8 participants from faculty & staff, only faculty, or only staff as appropriate
  • meet meet once per month (10-12 primary meets) over the course of one academic year
  • conclude with presentations at the following AoE Education Day of findings and products.


The following is a list of sample topics along with “pain points” that may reflect how one feels about a given topic.  You may find yourself drawn to participate in a particular topic, depending on how each point resonates with you:


Student Remediation/Study Skills Development

Pain Point: Right now, student remediation takes too long and too much work for not enough gain.  We can’t effectively teach if they can’t effectively learn.

Output/Product:  Evidence-based strategies for effectively and efficiently intervening when students fall behind academically. 


Clinical Feedback for Students

Pain Point: The clinical feedback process as-is precludes us giving timely and effective feedback.

Output/Product:  An evidence-based set of protocols for clinical feedback that fits our specific needs.


Student Advising

Pain Point:  We don’t have time, resources, or training to be better Advisors to our students.

Output/Product:  A support system for growing our advising infrastructure and capabilities over the next three years.


Evaluation of Pre-clinical Teaching 

Pain Point: Current evaluation models don’t actually help me to improve my educational practices and over-emphasize popularity with students

Output/Product:  A system for fairly and effectively evaluating teaching at the CVM using evidence-based practices


A.I. Implementation Group

Pain Point:  We don’t know enough about what AI can do to effectively implement it for instruction.

Output/Product: A manual for teaching with generative AI at the NCSU CVM.


Technician Educators

Pain Point: Technicians training students and/or new-hire tech/staff are not fully supported in their roles as educators.  

Output/Product:  An evidenced-based curriculum for preparing technicians to take on instructional roles.


Sign-up for a Working Group by emailing Jason Plummer ( between July 24 and August 18, 2023.