Hello, Southeast Veterinary Educational Consortium!

The NC State University CVM has joined five other veterinary colleges to form the

Southeast Veterinary Educational Consortium,


What does that mean for the AoE? 

In the coming months, we will be letting our members know about workshops, seminars, and other opportunities going on at other schools within SEVEC, to which we are invited!  Furthermore, we will be opening our doors to faculty and staff from fellow colleges who are interested in the awesome work we’re doing here.

You can follow this link to read more about SEVEC in JAVMA News.

There are two opportunities coming up through SEVEC that AoE can support you in joining:

A Workshop on Active Learning Techniques hosted by Lincoln Memorial Veterinary College, May 15th.

A Vet.Ed. Bootcamp hosted by Virgina-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, June 24-25th.


Stay tuned for more about this exciting new development.