February Schedule!

Cheating in Higher Ed:  Presentation and Q&A  

w/ Dr. Gregory Cizek of UNC-Chapel Hill

Classroom Teaching

Feb 13, 12:15,  D 239


Ed Psych Series:  Growth Mindset, How & Why to Cultivate It  

w/ Dr. Christopher Seals of University of Illinois

Classroom & Clinical Teaching, Educational Scholarship

Feb 18, 2:00 ,  RB 256


Presenting 103:  Face to Face

w/ Drs Laura Nelson & April Kedrowicz

Clinical Teaching

Feb 19, 10:00,  B 104A


AoE Journal Club

Educational Scholarship

Feb 21, 12:15,  A 103


AoE / ESS Instructional Design Seminar

Classroom Teaching

Feb 26, 10:00,  B 104A


VR Experiences: Lunch & Learn

w/ Dr. Andy Stringer

Classroom Teaching, Educational Scholarship

Lunch Provided with RSVP closer to date.

Feb 27, 12:15, A 101

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