Escape Room Challenge Begins!

That’s right, the much anticipated AoE Escape Room Challenge is this month!

Six teams will race for the best time breaking out of the puzzle box.  Winners receive accolades, adoration, and guaranteed spots on our AoE Zombie Survival Team.  Watch this page for updates as the competition gets fierce!

Nov 5th   5:30 PM    Kate Bailey, Laura Nelson, Lysa Posner, & Jesse Watson

Nov 8th   10:00 AM  Kaila Cahoon, Kim Pernicka, Tami Slawter, & LeighJay Temple

Nov 8th   1:00 PM    Lindsey Cobb, Stacie Gallenstein, Dusan Sojourner, Jackson Spradley, & Chris Walker

Nov 8th    3:00 PM    Julie Balko, Derek Foster, Erin Lashnits, & Julie Nettifee

Nov 15th  1:00 PM    Kate Fiebrandt, Ana Clara Munoz, Kaitlyn Runion, Melissa Srougi, & Amy Stewart

Nov 22nd 10:00 AM  April Kedrowicz, Sarah Hammond, Regina Schoenfeld, & Lynn Wilhelm


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