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The Academy of Educator’s inaugural EDUCATION DAY will be July 8th.

Education Day exists to showcase the newest ideas, questions, and innovations in veterinary education while sharing and celebrating the fantastic work being done within the CVM.

Dr. Emma Read

of Ohio State University CVM

Keynote Speaker


Dr. Emma Read is Associate Dean for Professional Programs at the Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She currently serves on the Competency Based Veterinary Education working group (CBVE) and the Council for International Veterinary Medical Education (CIVME) for the AAVMC. She is a prominent voice in the redesign of veterinary medical education and a treasure trove of ideas for improving curriculum.

Small Innovations, Big Impact

Education Day will consist of presentations and breakout style conversations on past, current, and upcoming work by faculty, staff, and graduate students. Within the theme of “Small Innovations, Big Impact”, we invite thinking on a wide variety of topics, including best teaching practices, innovative techniques, current industry trends / concerns, your experience applying new methodologies, and related topics of interest.  Presentations on education research are also accepted.

The Day
Morning presentations will be followed by lunch and a talk from Dr. Read.  We will then have a brief AoE meeting to update everyone on organization events, then move into breakout sessions on different topics.

We offer two formats for bringing topics to discussion: general poster session or a 10 minute oral presentation.  Presentation topics and presenter lists for either format must be submitted by June 14th. Please register in advance.

Poster Presentation Instructions

Posters should be as self-explanatory as possible so that your main job is to supplement the information it contains. The poster format provides a mechanism for in depth discussion of your topic, but this is possible only if the display includes enough information for your audience to comprehend the main ideas with minimal verbal explanation.  

Posters will be on display from 10 am ~ 2:30 pm.

Presenters will be asked to be present for discussion during the poster session

Posters will be placed on a cork surface.  

Please bring (10-15) handout copies of your poster that have your contact information on them.

Posters should be no larger than 3’x4’.

AoE will handle costs and printing of posters submitted by June 21st.

Oral Presentation Instructions

Oral presentations will be limited to 10 minutes (eight minutes for presentation and two minutes for questions). Presentations will be strictly timed to ensure that all are completed in a reasonable time frame.

The presentation room will have a projector, screen, and internet-connected computer.

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