Vet Ed Bootcamp at Virginia-Maryland University



Join Laura Nelson, Ken Royal, and many other great educators for the Vet Ed
Bootcamp on June 24th & 25th!  This two day event is hosted by the
Virginia-Maryland CVM and open to us as members of SEVEC (Southeast
Veterinary Educational Consortium).  It is designed for faculty and
staff that are relatively new to teaching, or looking to change their
teaching approach, and includes sessions on many topics, such as:

–  How people learn (educational psychology)
–  Getting the most out of the First Class
–  Classroom Teaching – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
–  Active learning for large classrooms
–  Formative vs summative assessment
–  Clinical Coaching

The Bootcamp will be in Roanoke, VA, but don’t worry – travel costs
are covered.

Please contact Jesse Watson at with interest and questions.

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