Spring 2019 Reading Circle: “Agile Faculty”

Each semester, the Academy of Educators collaborates with the Office for Faculty Development on main campus to host reading circle opportunities for faculty development in a relaxed peer conversation environments.

This Spring, our text is “Agile Faculty” by Rebecca Pope-Ruark.

The Reading Circles for this text have already begun, but if you have an interest in joining a bit late, please reach out to Jesse Watson (jwatson3@ncsu.edu).

From The University of Chicago Press Books Website:

“Digital tools have long been a transformative part of academia, enhancing the classroom and changing the way we teach. Yet there is a way that academia may be able to benefit more from the digital revolution: by adopting the project management techniques used by software developers.

Agile work strategies are a staple of the software development world, developed out of the need to be flexible and responsive to fast-paced change at times when “business as usual” could not work. These techniques call for breaking projects into phases and short-term goals, managing assignments collectively, and tracking progress openly.

Agile Faculty is a comprehensive roadmap for scholars who want to incorporate Agile practices into all aspects of their academic careers, be it research, service, or teaching. Rebecca Pope-Ruark covers the basic principles of Scrum, one of the most widely used models, and then through individual chapters shows how to apply that framework to everything from individual research to running faculty committees to overseeing student class work. Practical and forward-thinking, Agile Faculty will help readers not only manage their time and projects but also foster productivity, balance, and personal and professional growth.”