Vet Tech-tastic!

Veterinary Technicians Stef and Laura tackle the challenges facing techs as they grow their professional standing, develop skills, collaborate with diverse teams, and just plain survive in the clinic.  Discussion brings insight, expert and veteran perspectives, more than a few laughs, and a great many TAILS FROM THE CLINIC FLOOR.

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Your voice is welcome!  Reach out to Stef and Laura at to ask questions, bring up topics of interest, or share your own tails from the clinic floor.  Everyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation!

S1 E1:  Am I a Veterinary Nurse or a Veterinary Technician?
S1 E2:  Teach that Tech: Things We Wish We’d Learned in School
S1 E3:  Stranger Things: Weird Cases We’ve Encountered in Veterinary Medicine
S1 E4:  Deck the Halls for Techs on Call: How to Survive Working the Holidays
S1 E5:  Battling Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
S1 E6:  Increasing Career Longevity and Forecasting Retirement
S1 E7:  Navigating Academia
S1 E8:  How the Other Side Lives: Interviews with a Receptionist and Kennel Tech
S1 E9:  Alternative Career Paths for Vet Techs
S1 E10:  Brief History of Veterinary Medicine
S1 E11:  COVID 19 Effects on Veterinary Medicine