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Fall 2019 Schedule

Aug 22    Eight years’ experience with a Medical Education Journal Club in Mexico: a quasi-experimental one-group study.  (12:15, A 101)

Presented by Regina Schoenfeld, this article looked at the history of growing a Med Ed Journal Club and provided some useful pointers for an inaugural VEJC meeting.


Sept 18  Flipping the medical classroom: Effect on workload, interactivity, motivation, and retention of knowledge.    (12:15, B 222)

Presented by Jesse Watson, this article looks at flipped classrooms in a medical school context and tests expected outcomes based on theory and previous literature.  Results raise questions about the theory vs the reality of flipping classes and suggest further study.


Oct 9    Effect of Instructional Format on Veterinary Students’ Task Performance and Emotional State During a Simulation-Based Canine Endotracheal Inubation Laboratory: Handout versus Video.          (12:15, B 222)

  AAVMC Review Rubric for Educational Research Reports

Presented by Regina Schoenfeld, this article raised questions on what is good study design methodology while studying subtle differences in learning outcomes based on changes in the method of presentation.  Also of note was discussion around how best to present data to diverse audiences and the value of good editing.


Oct 30   Comparing Item Performance on Three- Versus Four-Option Multiple Choice Questions in a Veterinary Toxicology Course    (12:15, B 222)


Dec 11   Interactive whiteboard use in clinical reasoning sessions to teach diagnostic test ordering and interpretation to undergraduate medical students.    (12:15, TC 2530)

Presented by Regina Schoenfeld, this article presented a different approach to designing studies with academic outcomes.