2022 – 2023 Recordings

CVM Advising Basics and Expectations, Zoom Recording

Sarah Ho presents on expectations of, and available supports for, Advisors at the CVM.


Early Career Educator Series

[Part 1]  Learning and Cognition, Zoom Recording

Jesse Watson presents the neuroscience and educational psychology basics behind the learning process at a level that is accessible and applicable for educators.

[Part 2]  Assessment, Zoom Recording

Jesse Watson and veteran veterinary educators discuss key concepts for planning assessments that drive good learning.

[Part 3]  Item Writing,  Part One:  Zoom Recording ,  Part Two:  Zoom Recording

Mari-Wells Hedgpeth lays out critical guidelines for writing test items that are effective, valid, and reliable.

[Part 4]  Instructional Design 101, Zoom Recording (Password:  j89Y#712)

Our ESS Team will take us through useful instructional design strategies for outlining a course that meets learning goals.


Education Day 2022

Streamlining the Student User Experience Across and Within Courses, Zoom Recording

Dr. Katie Sheats, Leigh Jay Temple, and Kate Fiebrandt collaborate with Class of 2025 students Shanti Coleman and Mikayla Mather Carlton discuss the challenges of and importance of having a consistent learning experience.  Conversation includes faculty, technician, student, and instructional designer perspectives.

Pass/Fail and Learning Motivation, Zoom Recording

Jesse Watson presents on the relationship between pass/fail grading and persistent motivation to learn using a blend of educational theory, student interview responses, and group discussion.

Keynote – Grades and Performance Feedback in a Positive Learning Environment, Zoom Recording

Dr. Leslie Sprunger (WSU CVM) presents on Washington State CVM’s experience using Pass/Fail for years, and how it has contributed to the development of a more positive and supportive learning environment.