2021 – 2022 Recordings

Rubric Design, Zoom Recording

Drs. Amy Snyder and Mariea Ross-Estrada of the Primary Care unit join with Mari-Wells Hedgpeth to present on efforts and outcomes of reviewing their rubric design, including refinement, inter-rater reliability, and increasing efficiency & efficacy.

Cognitive Taxonomy Rules for Powerpoints, Zoom Recording

John Jeon of ESS presents straightforward methods for applying cognitive principles to designing more effective content.

Journal Club:  “The Phantom Professor”Zoom RecordingArticle

Bonus Feature!  First 10 minutes are a discussion of Universal Design for Learning, Individuated Instruction, and Learning Styles.

[Beginning at 10:10 mark]  We discuss a 2015 study of student evaluations with a trick…the professor being evaluated doesn’t actually exist.


SEVEC DEI Workshop, Zoom Recording

Hosted by Sarah Hammond and the SEVEC DEI Working Group, Dr. Kwesi Brookins (NCSU Center for Family and Community Engagement) speaks on coalition building and organizing / motivating for positive change. 


Safety Culture Series:  

[Part 1]  Safety Culture in Veterinary Education Zoom Recording

Dr. Lydia Love leads a presentation and discussion on Safety Culture, what it really means, and why we should promote it through Veterinary Education.

[Part 2]  Error – Identification, Understanding, and Just CultureZoom Recording

Dr. Linda Allen (UFL) presents on error types, levels of harm, resolution and just culture in relation to veterinary safety culture.

[Part 3]  Checklists – Building, Implementing, and Buying Into ThemZoom Recording

Dr. Erik Hofmeister (Auburn) leads a discussion on how to build and implement effective safety checklists for use in veterinary clinics and practices.