2019 – 2020 Recordings

Supporting Students in Distress, w/ Laura Castro, Recording + Powerpoint

Presenting 101: Large Groups, w/ April Kedrowicz,  Recording (mp4) 

Learning Motivation, w/ Jesse Watson, Recording (mp4) + Powerpoint

Introduction to Teaching Portfolios, w/ Sherry Clouser,  Zoom Recording + Handout

Vet Ed 101, w/ Megan Jacobs, Abi Taylor, & Kate Fiebrandt,  Audio Recording.

Presenting 102: Small Group Learning, w/ Elizabeth Nelson, Powerpoint + Recording

Spring 2020 Membership Meeting,  Agenda

Career Advising, w/ Amy Snyder & Amanda Bates, Recording + Powerpoint + Internship Decision Flowchart

Cheating in Higher Ed, w/Greg Cizek, Recording

Ed Psych: Memory, w/Jesse Watson,  Recording

Supporting Advisees During Crisis and Change, w/ Kaitlyn Runion & Laura Castro, Zoom Recording + Powerpoint

Growth Mindset Workshop, w/ Melissa Srougi,  Powerpoint + Exam Wrapper Handout

Creative Teaching, w/ Jesse Watson,  Zoom Recording + Flow Notes

March Methods:  Qualitative Methodologies, w/ Sarah Hammond & April Kedrowicz,  Zoom Recording

Teaching & Learning Online:  Asynchronous vs Synchronous, w/Jesse Watson, Zoom Recording + Flow Notes

Teaching & Learning Online:  Facilitating Groups, w/ April Kedrowicz, Regina Schoenfeld, & Leigh Jay Hicks,  Zoom Recording

Teaching & Learning Online:  Discussion Boards, w/ Jesse Watson, Zoom Recording  (Password: 3M+U3.7^)

“Emergency Remote” to Online Teaching & Learning: Taking it up a notch, (UTCVM) w/ Sherry Clouser, Jesse Watson, & India Lane,  Link to video on UTCVM site

Education Day Session One, w/ Kim Pernicka, Kaila Cahoon, Katie Sheats,  Zoom Recording

Education Day Session Two, w/ John Jeon & Lysa Posner,  Zoom Recording

Education Day Keynote:  “Success by Design?: The Utility of Integrated Exams”, w/ Dr. Kent Hecker, U. of Calgary,  Zoom Recording

Education Day Session Three, w/ Regina Schoenfeld, April Kedrowicz, Kathy Lunn, Melissa Srougi, Kate Bailey & Lysa Posner, Zoom Recording