2018 – 2019 Recordings

Education Day 2019, Session One

Education Day 2019, Session Two

Dr. Ken Royal, March Methods One: “Getting Started with Educational Research”Powerpoint

Dr. Ken Royal, March Methods Two: “Designing Effective Surveys”  + Powerpoint + Sample Letter

Dr. Ken Royal, March Methods Three: “Assessing Performance in Clinical and Other Rater-Mediated Scenarios”,  Powerpoint + Rater Bias Inventory

Dr. Miriam Ferzli, “Enhancing the Student Experience through Active Learning Strategies”

Dr. Erin Malone, “Moving Learning Forward by Designing Backwards” 

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek, “A Focus on Student Success: Tips to Enhance Student Learning by Infusing Active Learning Strategies into Lectures”

Dr. Todd Zakrajsek, “Injecting Wellness Into Your Curriculum Through Creativity, Humor and Fun”

Dr. Armitage-Chan, “Using role play to integrate clinical-professional reasoning and communication skills in large groups”